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Nazerah Tahir — IM Reviews Vault

Nazerah Tahir

Chooses to believe she’s a cool geek who does Internet Marketing product reviews, freelances wedding photography and videography, plays the guitar and longboards when she has the time (which is about…. rarely now), and gets paid to travel with her loved ones and friends in a cool VVIP Travel Club (yes, you can ask her how).

Dude, who’s Nazerah and why should I take her word (basically, reviews) for it?

Nazerah wants to live in a world filled with innovative businesses, products, people that come bundled with sweet milky chocolate, and a force field around her keyboard that repels cats and sticky-fingered toddlers.

As an internet marketer with more or less 2 years of experience (we know… that’s not the longest you’ve heard), she’s went through tons of products and shiny objects. One thing she wished was much available on the internet space, was more legit reviews of these products before she was sucked in over and over again and waste tons of money on products that promised her a gazillion ways to make money online.

When she’s not writing or reviewing products to help aspiring or existing internet marketers decide if the product they’re about to get is worth the money, you can find her whipping up a delicious gluten-free treat, running barefoot or answering the question “why” for the eleventy-bajillionth time.

So… at IM Reviews Vault, you can get (free) practical reviews, on the products that you are considering to purchase. She says, “you’re welcome”.